Marwa Rabah

Born and raised in Lebanon, where fashion lives dangerously, Marwa Rabah was enchanted by fashion and tailored elegance, early on.

Long known in the Middle East for bringing in signature silhouettes and glamorous tailoring with a dash of luxury; MawaRabah’s ‘Marwa Rabah Couture’ is synonymous with exclusive bridal wear, ready-to-wear designs and couture line with overtly feminine aesthetics.

With a constant quest for craftsmanship and reverie, all designs blend in fairy-tale musings with practical designs and have a modern twist. Marwa’s expertise lies in perfection achieved in every creation, right from the concept, sketch to its completion. Each silhouette tailored at Marwa Rabah Couture involves and displays thorough knowledge of designs, aesthetics, fabrics and culture.

Serving both domestic as well as international markets; Marwa Rabah’s Couture reaches its audiences through her studio and her social media following.

Marwa has dressed local and regional celebrities and has also won accolades at fashion and bridal shows.